Custom Made Wines For Your Wedding

Reasons why you should make your own wine for your wedding

Your wedding day is all about the unique special bond between you and your partner. Why not have wine custom made for you that exhibits your uniqueness as a couple? This also gives your friends and family a special something to take home. If you want to add some flare to your celebration why not make your own crowd-pleasing wine!

If you don’t believe us? We have 5 reasons why personalizing your wedding wine is the best companion for this unforgettable night!

  1. It’s incredibly easy!
    At first glance, you may think making your own wine is a very difficult process, but is way easier than you think (even easier than craft beer).

    First, you choose the type of wine and the quality level of it. Then, add the yeast. For last, wait around six weeks and come back to battle and taste your creation (the fun part!). We help you every step of the way, so you will have the guidance of an expert at all times.

  2. It won’t cost you a fortune

    Wedding wine services are affordable and will even cost you less than buying all the bottles from a regular grocery or liquor store!

    So, yes. You can taste a refined cabernet sauvignon or delight your beloved ones of a custom blended merlot without spending half of the wedding budget.

  3. It is a beautiful keepsake for your attendees

    Besides drinking a good product, carefully selected by the bride and groom, relatives and close friends will also feel delighted by keeping the personalized wine bottle as a souvenir to remember the night.

    You can even customize the labels, so start to think about what will you name your own special blend of wine for your wedding. This also can be used to match your wedding theme!

  4. It makes a fun activity to do together

    This is another good reason why you should do your own wedding wine. It will make a fun experience for you to do together and relax drinking your results at the end of the stressful plans.

  5. You can start a new hobby for your new married life!

    If you enjoyed the process of making wine with your partner why not make it your new hobby together? You can buy a wine kit and take this activity to your new home.

Final words

We have two more tips if you want to go into the DIY wedding wine crafting. First, you must remember that you should pair the wine you are planning to serve with the food menu. And second, but not lastly, start making your own custom made wine at least six to nine weeks before your wedding date to age the product as it should be.


Cheers! Hope to see you soon at Calder's Wine Cellar.