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The HoneyBee Ale

A very pleasant easy to drink Ale, the malt characteristics give a flavourful refreshing foundation for the hint of honey and citrusy hop notes.  On this note lets all help save the Bee's, without them life on earth will be very different as we know it, Bee aware, Bee helpful, thank you for Beeing there!

The European Pilsner

A classic, the Euro Pils has the malt forward flavour and slight sweetness balanced with smooth hop profile and fresh spicy floral hop aroma.

Seven Days IPA

At 7.1% alc/vol with over 65 IBU's its big, dark golden, appropriately hoppy which leaves you with a well balanced mouth feel that's refreshing with citrus flavours.

The Corodelo Cerveza

A pale to golden colour lager has good carbonation and a clean, with slight sweetness and a refreshing crisp finish.  Lower in alcohol so you can enjoy more than one.

The Dark Lager

The Dark Lager has fresh roasted chocolate and coffee on the nose with a light clean flavourful body.  It is well balanced with a crisp and refreshing aftertaste.  It leaves your taste buds watering for more....

Red Ale

A beautiful malt-driven beer with medium hop character, caramelly with a touch of coffee like bitterness on the finish from the chocolate and roasted barley, with a deep reddish hue imparted by the selected malt used.

Pale Ale

Deep golden in color with a brilliant perfumed nose.  Dry hop fermented with tropical and citrus notes lets the medium body beer taste nice from a lightly sweet to a dry and mild bitter finish 

The Porter

A malty dark ale with its complex and flavorful roast characteristics, this beer is designed to tease your taste with caramel flavors, and hints of toasted grain bread.  Hailing from England, the Porter is a smooth drinking brew with notes of chocolate, caramel, roasted flavorings and a wonderful smooth ride on your plate that will make you go ahhhh! Another one please!