50 Campden Tablets

Campden tablets

Instructions for wine kits:  One tablet in one gallon of must yields 75 ppm total sulfur dioxide.  Crush into a powder before using.  Some beer brewers also use campden tablets to remove chlorine or chloramine from their brewing water. 

Instructions for Purify Juice:  Add one campden tablet per each gallon of juice, or for every 8 gallons of crushed fruit.  Crush your tablets and pre-dissolve them in a small amount of water before adding to juice.  Allow the juice to ventilate in an open container for 24 hours before adding wine yeast.  For over-ripe and potentially moldy fruits, double the dosage.

Instructions to sanitize equipment:  All equipment should be cleaned with soapy water first and then crush and dissolve 16 campden tablets per each gallon of water.  Also, add 1/2 teaspoon of Citric acid.  Next, you will want to sanitize your fermentation vessel by putting in 2 to 3 inches of the solution at the bottom of the vessel.  Seal the vessel airtight for 20 minutes to allow the fumes from the solution to permeate the inside walls.

Instructions at Bottling time:  Add one campden tablet per each gallon of wine to preserve it's color and flavor.  Crush the campden tablets and pre-dissolve them in a small amount of the wine first.  It is also recommended at this time to add Potassium Sorbate to help eliminate a chance of re-fermentation.  Bottle immediately after adding campden tablets.  Product of U.S.

Campden tablets are easy-to-use capsules of potassium metabisulfite;  use to prevent  oxidation and growth of wild  yeast and bacteria in the must.